Granite quality: Indian granite vs Chinese granite facts

Reasons that Make Indian Granite More Popular than chinese granite

The four principal reasons due to which those granites have won the consider of clients from all around the international are discussed below. Read in addition for a higher expertise of the qualitative variations in the functions of each Chinese and Indian granite.


This guide will help you to make a clever buy on your upcoming residential or commercial task.


  1. Granite Strength and Durability

More than something else, the energy of granite makes it a super construction fabric. So, shopping for a granite stone that lacks sturdiness would be the final aspect that every person desires even as renovating or building their domestic. It is exactly wherein Indian granite scores better than Chinese granite.


Sometimes, humans get carried away with the decrease pricing of Chinese granite. However, the reality that Chinese granite comes with a herbal hairline crack must no longer be unnoticed. In evaluation, in case you choose Indian granite, your funding turns into worthwhile, as you could rest assured that it’s going to last longer and continue to be harm-free.


  1. Color Richness and Elegance

Granite is known for its stylish and captivating colours, showcasing versatile colors because of the presence of minerals. There is not any doubt that human beings are attracted to granite due to its wealthy color. It imparts a appropriate look each in indoors and outside decor.


Here additionally, Indian granite has more demands because of the clean availability of colourful colorings than Chinese granite. Buyers of Indian granite can count on beautiful varieties, having gold, brown, beige, white, jet black, or even more rich hues.


3. Luster and Defects

The lengthy-lasting shine and the ability to resist the check of time make granite a treasured stone. However, its luster must be original, that’s best viable when the granite is extracted disorder-unfastened from nature itself.


Unlike superficial Chinese granite, that’s quarried from seismically lively zones, Indian stone initially has a lustrous design. Because it’s miles extracted without any cracks and doesn’t require any oiling as a concealer. So, it stays flawlessly sleek during its lifetime.


4. Staining

Chinese granite has a water-soaking up and porous nature, which makes it comparably more liable to staining than Indian granite.


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