How to choose the right GLOCK pistol – The new 2020 Buyer’s Guide

The instructions within the guide are not accompanied;

Your GLOCK pistol or any of its elements are altered or changed from their unique country;

Damage is because of misuse, abuse or flawed protection;

Your pistol is disassembled past the guidance in Chapter nine of the Instructions for Use guide; or

Reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition, or ammunition of a different caliber than your GLOCK pistol is used.

There are not any warranties which make bigger beyond the description at the face hereof.

The sole and extraordinary treatment pursuant to this assurance is the restore or alternative of your GLOCK pistol, at the sole discretion of GLOCK, Inc.

The implied warranties of merchantability and health for a selected cause are expressly disclaimed.

All disclaimers and obstacles of legal responsibility shall still practice even if the restricted treatment of restore and alternative fails of its important motive.

In states where approved, GLOCK, Inc. Assumes no legal responsibility for incidental or consequential damage or for incidental expenses.

Any action against GLOCK, Inc. Primarily based on an alleged breach of this warranty must be added inside one (1) yr of the claimed breach.

GLOCK, Inc.’s liability for breach of warranty will be limited to repair or replacement of your GLOCK pistol, at the sole discretion of GLOCK, Inc.

Activate Your GLOCK Warranty

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GLOCK Repair

Buying gun online To make a claim under the guarantee, contact [email protected]. Do no longer go back your GLOCK pistol for carrier without previous authorization.


Customer Service

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The Glock 19 is one of the most popular handguns of all time. It’s an ever-so-slightly-scaled down version of the original Glock, the Glock 17 9mm. About 1/2-inch shorter than the sizeable model, the extra compact Glock 19 nonetheless packs 15 rounds of 9mm plus one within the chamber. Owners point to its notable stability of length, weight, and potential as reasons for its reputation.

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