Is it possible to have dual citizenship in Turkey?

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Family Members of Turkey Investor Visa Applicants

If you practice for a Turkey Investor Visa, you may encompass the following own family individuals for your utility:


Your partner or partner.

Children underneath the age of 18.

Children as much as 21 years of age who’re financially based.

Dependent elderly dad and mom.

Documents for Turkey Investor Visa Application

The documents needed for a Turkey Investor Visa utility are:


Passport (for each applicant).

Proof of having made the essential funding.

A Turkish Tax Number.

Document proving you have got in no way stayed in Turkey illegally.

Proof of having paid the vital taxes and charges for the Turkey Investment Visa application.

Criminal historical past (for each applicant).

Birth certificate (for every applicant).

Passport-size images (for every applicant).

Marriage certificates (if relevant).

Divorce certificate (if applicable).

Death certificate (if relevant).

Proof of medical health insurance that’s legitimate in Turkey (for each applicant).

Remember: The specific necessities will range for each applicant, depending at the investment type, heritage, and nationality. You can consult with your La Vida – Golden Visas advisors concerning the whole file tick list for Golden Visa packages.


The Validity of Turkey Investor Visa

The Turkish passport Investor Visa is indefinite. After your investment, you could apply for Turkish citizenship – that’s granted for existence – and a Turkish passport. You should renew your passport every ten years.



Does Turkey Allow Dual Nationality?

Yes, Turkey lets in dual nationality. If you obtain a Turkish passport as an investor, you may also keep your cutting-edge nationality.


However, for dual citizenship to be feasible, the nationality legal guidelines of both countries have to permit it.


If your contemporary united states of america of nationality does not allow dual citizenship, you need to resign it before obtaining a Turkish passport.

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