Is snapper good eating fish?

Shallow inshore

Targeting Snapper in shallow water on light line in my view is a more hard and worthwhile technique than concentrated on snapper fish on deeper reefs.


Once you’ve got marked a spot you wish to fish drop the anchor up current/wind (whichever is most powerful) from the mark.  Once the anchor has held the first thing to do is work on getting a pleasant berley path going to convey the fish to the boat. The intention of berleying is to growth your strike-rate and to hold the fish round for longer. Ideally you’ll have the berley flowing out off the lower back of the boat. Berley flowing up toward the anchor isn’t always best and could restriction your outcomes. If this is the case strive a different technique with your anchor setup.


Cast lightly weighted baits as a long way as you may into the berley path, let off a few meters of line to permit the bait to slowly flutter in the direction of the lowest. While threadline reals are my preferred actual of choice while focused on Snapper, Baitrunner style real just like the Shimano Baitrunner are perfect for baitfishing on this kind of state of affairs and there are few higher sounds to a Snapper fisherman’s ears than a screaming Baitrunner because it bellows off line within the path of a rampaging Snapper.  If the use of a Baitrunner make sure you set your drags prior to casting.  In shallow water Snapper had been known to ruin baits simply seconds after it hitting the water and the adjusting your drag mid fight is a recipe for disaster.  When making plans to set the rod in a rod holder, engage the Baitrunner function and watch for the fish to take off line, after which strike. When fighting Snapper in shallow water I’ve individually determined that fishing a lighter drag can often bring about much less bust-offs. If using a couple of rods unfold the baits out and range your forged distance.


When using tender plastics once again attention your casts in and around the berley trail and throw the ordinary cast to the perimeters into ‘useless water’. Vary your cast period and vary the depth of retrieve until you find wherein the better fish are maximum considerable. Vary the action and pace of retrieval until you discover what’s working satisfactory at the day. Also strive one of a kind length, form, and color plastics to fit the situations. In grimy water and overcast days use brighter colours including your pinks, yellows and whites while in clearer water go in your browns, blacks and reds.



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