Spice Mixes and Seasoning Blends

Making your personal seasoning mixes ensures consistency in all of your recipes, and most of the time home made blends will ultimate longer than store-bought varieties.


You may not always shop cash making your personal spice blends (usually it’ll be a wash), but you will flavor the difference, and you’ll have the pleasure and peace of mind that comes from knowing precisely what went into your spice blend.


Buying Whole Spices and Measurement Conversions

The pleasant manner to get hold of the uncooked substances for developing your spice blends is with the aid of shopping for whole spices and grinding them up in a coffee grinder or spice grinder. As for the herbs, nicely, they may be merely dried leaves, so you don’t want to grind them. You’ll virtually upload them to the mix just as they are.


These days you may find bulk spices in maximum of the big grocery stores. So you may buy whatever from a unmarried clove to a pound of them. Needless to mention, it is where you can purchase your components—now not the ordinary spice aisle with all of the jars.


Remember, too, that to provide a tablespoon of, say, ground cumin, you will want less than a tablespoon of complete cumin seeds. Or perhaps any other manner of looking at it’s miles, a tablespoon of whole cumin seeds will produce about 1 1/4 tablespoons of floor cumin.


Other spices convert in another way, but as a general rule, one part complete spice will yield 1 1/4 to 1 half of elements ground. Fortunately, mild versions in quantities aren’t going to destroy some thing.


What You’ll Need

Clean glass jars with tight-fitting lids. The lids are essential to maintain the seasonings fresh, and glass is essential for the reason that plastic packing containers will take in the odor of the ingredients.

Coffee grinder curry suisse (or a spice grinder, which is largely the same element). Naturally, you may want to easy it between uses so that you don’t have cumin residue going into a spice mixture that doesn’t consist of cumin (even though a little extra cumin never hurt all people).

Funnel: Just strive getting your spices into the jars without one. Yes, you can attempt to use a chunk of parchment paper, but after spilling spices everywhere in the region more than one instances, you may want to buy a funnel. Skip that step and use a funnel from the get-move.

Labels: In addition to the name of the spice mixture, you may also write the date you made it. If you note six months have gone by means of, you would possibly want to reflect on consideration on creating a sparkling batch.

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