The complete luxury guide to diving Komodo in style

One of Komodo’s maximum well-known dive spots – and rightly so, it’s like a fish and coral explosion down there! Pinnacles rise from a shelf 20-24m deep and reach nearly to the floor up to 4m deep, imparting an unforgettable view.

Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks patrol the area, which is likewise visited by eagle and manta rays within the proper season. Komodo Diving But be careful, the currents can be strong here. We’d advocate you are as a minimum Advanced Open Water qualified – and consider that DSMB!

Current City (Tatawa Kecil) – Divemaster Pick

We asked our dive manual on board our liveaboard what his favorite dive was and he selected Current City. Why? The Southern region at about 24m intensity is domestic to a small cave wherein a colony of pygmy seahorses live!

You can count on whitetip sharks, gray reef sharks, massive trevallies and tuna here, too. In the northern side,  huge rocks at 22m supply refuge to a cleansing station, in the main used by sweetlips. The modern-day right here can be strong, therefore the name, so come prepared. Three Sisters

Three Sisters receives its name from the three big rocks dominating the dive website. These take a seat on a 30m sandy bottom, with the tops at only 3m deeps. You’ll notice the thriving marine life the second one you dive in.

Keep your eye out for lots species of nudibranch all over the rocks. For the adventurous there’s truely a fourth sister located further to the west, beginning in approximately 20m of water and dropping down to 40m. This homes a few incredible sea lovers and even greater interesting marine lifestyles. As constantly, the modern-day may be unpredictable.

Gili Lawa – Night Dive Pick

No ride to Komodo is complete without a night time dive. Head over to Gili Lawa and revel in the bioluminescence in complete glory with even the slightest of touches. You may even stumble upon squids, octopus, sharks and rays. Grab your dive torch, you are in for a spectacle!


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