How to Get to Bonaire

You’ll land at Bonaire International Airport (BIA). U.S. Flights come from Houston, Miami, Newark, and Atlanta. Internationally, flights also come from Curacao, Amsterdam, St Maarten, and Aruba. Flights from Houston are approximately 5 hours.


Many cruise ships also visit Bonaire. Look for routes to the ABC Islands within the Southern Caribbean, additionally stopping at nearby islands Aruba and Curacao.

Bonaire vacation tips with hints on What to do, Best time to visit, wherein to stay, map… and where to head Scuba Diving in Bonaire


How to Get Around Bonaire

With a few important roads, it’s easy to get around Bonaire, however you’ll need a car or scooter to get around. Rent a truck if you will be shore diving. There are also taxis in case you don’t need to pressure.


When you’re riding north on the primary avenue on the West Coast, the street turns into one-manner across the Tolo dive website online, simply beyond one thousand Steps. That way you’ll need to drive all the way across the island, through Rincón, to get lower back to downtown. So, avoid going this a ways until you’re doing it on purpose!


Where to Stay in Bonaire

Since our pal’s pal rents out a residence, this was the primary cause for travelling Bonaire and we didn’t want to search for an area to live. This house changed into in Tera Kora, an ideal area on the island and near downtown Kralendijk, although very lots a local neighborhood.


Diving in Bonaire

Bonaire is understood for its diving, so I’ve got a FULL publish about this! Did you recognize Bonaire is the “shore dive capital of the arena?” How some of the 86 shore diving spots will you visit? Are you equipped to identify scorpionfish and frogfish? Have you ever seen the sparkling ostracods? Want to see 40 sea turtles in one dive? See the post here for all the information!


Bonaire is extensively appeared as one of the great destinations inside the Caribbean for shore diving—and with accurate reason. The dry weather and coral composition of the island suggest that there may be little soil runoff, allowing near-ideal visibility inside the coastal waters. The islanders have exploited this gain, and you could discover local organizations that cater to simply each diving want.

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